Evaluation essays

Evaluation essays
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Friday, 12 October 2012

Writing Evaluation Essays

Writing evaluation essays can be as confusing as trying to understand Confucius, the famous Chinese philosopher, to a writer who is not armed with good information. Evaluation essays are aimed at reviewing a subject in detail, then forming and expressing a point of view that would convince the reader that the writer’s perspective is agreeable.
Know the Subject of your Evaluation
Emerging issues like The Accountability of Political Leaders can be evaluated, as well as books or movies. However, there can be no effective and comprehensive evaluation without a deep knowledge of the subject.
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The audience plays an important role in any writing. Remember you are writing to convince and the evidence you will provide to support your subject is your greatest weapon. Your opinions alone will not help you because personal opinions tend to be biased.
It doesn’t matter how good a writer you are, writing evaluation essays without presenting supporting details is like showing a five year old an empty candy jar. As enticing as candy is to a child, the empty jar is of no use or appeal to him.
For any audience, convincing facts come in the form of statistics, examples and testimonials. For example, when writing an evaluation essay on gay marriages, it would help to give an example of a real gay couple. It would also be of help to discuss the number of people you interviewed and what their response was.
Exercising Balance in Evaluating
When writing evaluation essays, it is required that you explain the pros and cons of the subject; in order for the essay to be balanced. For instance, when evaluating Female Genital Mutilation (FGM) as your subject, you need to present comprehensive facts for both sides. What are the valid reasons for those who oppose FGM? Why are others advocating for FGM?
As much as you try to build your own judgment in the hope of convincing the reader, the tricky aspect of writing evaluation essays is being subjective without sounding subjective and biased. Biasness on your part may breed hostility among your readers.
Reviewing Sample Evaluation Essays
To get a better grasp on writing evaluation essays, it would be helpful to review sample evaluation essays. Get hold of any material at your disposal that may contain sample evaluation essays; be it the internet, books, magazines or newspapers.
However, do this with caution because samples can be misleading. It would be appropriate to have a look at a number of sample evaluation essays so that you recognize the mistakes they make and compare them.
Once, you are done, the sample evaluation essays will not have only given you an overview as to how an evaluation essay should look like but also enhanced your knowledge on the subject.

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