Evaluation essays

Evaluation essays
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Friday, 12 October 2012

Writing Evaluation Essays

Writing evaluation essays can be as confusing as trying to understand Confucius, the famous Chinese philosopher, to a writer who is not armed with good information. Evaluation essays are aimed at reviewing a subject in detail, then forming and expressing a point of view that would convince the reader that the writer’s perspective is agreeable.
Know the Subject of your Evaluation
Emerging issues like The Accountability of Political Leaders can be evaluated, as well as books or movies. However, there can be no effective and comprehensive evaluation without a deep knowledge of the subject.
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The audience plays an important role in any writing. Remember you are writing to convince and the evidence you will provide to support your subject is your greatest weapon. Your opinions alone will not help you because personal opinions tend to be biased.
It doesn’t matter how good a writer you are, writing evaluation essays without presenting supporting details is like showing a five year old an empty candy jar. As enticing as candy is to a child, the empty jar is of no use or appeal to him.
For any audience, convincing facts come in the form of statistics, examples and testimonials. For example, when writing an evaluation essay on gay marriages, it would help to give an example of a real gay couple. It would also be of help to discuss the number of people you interviewed and what their response was.
Exercising Balance in Evaluating
When writing evaluation essays, it is required that you explain the pros and cons of the subject; in order for the essay to be balanced. For instance, when evaluating Female Genital Mutilation (FGM) as your subject, you need to present comprehensive facts for both sides. What are the valid reasons for those who oppose FGM? Why are others advocating for FGM?
As much as you try to build your own judgment in the hope of convincing the reader, the tricky aspect of writing evaluation essays is being subjective without sounding subjective and biased. Biasness on your part may breed hostility among your readers.
Reviewing Sample Evaluation Essays
To get a better grasp on writing evaluation essays, it would be helpful to review sample evaluation essays. Get hold of any material at your disposal that may contain sample evaluation essays; be it the internet, books, magazines or newspapers.
However, do this with caution because samples can be misleading. It would be appropriate to have a look at a number of sample evaluation essays so that you recognize the mistakes they make and compare them.
Once, you are done, the sample evaluation essays will not have only given you an overview as to how an evaluation essay should look like but also enhanced your knowledge on the subject.

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Sample Evaluation Essays

There are a number of questions which come to the mind of students when they are required to write an evaluation essay. The most fundamental is; “What is an evaluation essay and how is it written? Most writers are also unaware of how to determine or formulate an evaluation essay topic. Thus, studying evaluation essay samples potentially gives them an understanding of what evaluation essays are.
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Evaluation essays tend to combine both the argumentative and descriptive aspects of essays. Most situations and experiences in life actually provide for great opportunities to take on an evaluative approach, which require criticism and argument. All these situations therefore have the potential to result in very good evaluation essay samples. The different aspects of these situations are expounded on, in order to form a debatable subject.
Here are a few examples of evaluation topics which make for comprehensive evaluation essay samples:
·         Working hours: How much is too much?
·         Mobile phone use: What effect is it having on relationships?
·         Family divorce.
·         Education curriculum: Is it comprehensive enough?
·         Sex education.
·         The source of terrorism.
·         Eating habits: Are they the cause of diseases?
·         The Child Mortality Rate.
Sample evaluation essays can be based on the evaluation of the above topics.
Sample Essay Topic: Mobile Phone Use
In evaluating the effect of mobile phone use, the sample essay would conceptualize both the positive and negative aspects of mobile phone use.
Among the positive attributes which would be noted in the sample evaluation essays, the mobile phone represents a big step in communication technology, particularly due to its portability and convenience. In positively evaluating the mobile phone, the writer should also highlight all its qualities while comparing it to the wire telephone and fax machine. For example, the mobile short messages service, numeric counting plus other accessories surpass the use of fax machine.
However there are several attributes of the mobile phone which also need to be evaluated in the evaluation essay samples. For instance, it is expensive to manage. In addition, it is the view of some that it makes individuals too accessible and opens up a door for their privacy to be invaded by hackers and so on. The writer is required to exhaustively discuss the pros and cons of the mobile phone.
Sample evaluation essays are not complete without the evaluation thesis statement. This is a concluding statement which is fundamental when summing up the content of evaluation essays. The writer’s judgment towards the topic of discussion is put in the conclusion; in our case, their judgment towards the use of mobile phones. 

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Good Evaluation Topics

A topic is as important to the essay as the body and it is therefore important that every writer have the skills to come up with a good topic that would automatically sell the essay.
Grabbing the Audience’s Attention
Good evaluation topics should instantly draw the reader in to the story. Readers include; students with huge assignments, managers with meetings to attend, professors with papers to grade, accountants with figures to balance, among others.
Any good essay topic will therefore grab the attention of the busy reader, the bored reader and the uninterested reader. These three categories of readers do not have the patience to read until the middle of the essay before they get engaged and captivated by what they are reading.
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One thing to note is that good evaluation topics can be derived from emerging issues in the society like same sex marriages or the rising popularity of women leadership.
Conducting Evaluations on Movies
You can also come up with good evaluation topics after watching a certain movie.  You do not need to be a professional movie critic or work for Rotten Tomatoes to master the art of reviewing a movie. If you are a movie lover, you can easily write evaluation essays on movies.
For instance, you may have just finished watching the movie, Mirror Mirror, and you could write an evaluation essay on your personal judgment of the movie.What did you think of the characters or the plot? How is it compared to the original storyline of Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs?
Just like any other evaluation, evaluation essays on movies are meant to convince the reader to agree with the writer’s viewpoint. Maybe you did not like the movie. Or maybe you liked it. Whichever the case, you have to sell your point of view to the readers.
Conducting an Objective Evaluation
Evaluation essays on movies have to follow the rules of writing such essays. As much as you may have enjoyed watching Mirror Mirror, it would be biased to ignore its low points while you advocate for the high points. Remember you are evaluating, not judging.
Most people love to read evaluation essays on movies before they watch them and it would be unfair to kill their interest by outlining only what you hated about the movie in question.
Just as important is the fact that good evaluation topics on movies have to clearly state what the essay is about. They have to be straight forward; this is not the time to look for a synonym of the word ‘dwarf’. This will only confuse the reader. 

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Free Evaluation Essays

There are many topics on which one can write an evaluation essay. However, there are some topics which writers back away from due to their content and the possibility of stirring up waters. Normally the content of these unfriendly essays require immense research and analysis and therefore, they limit the writer from relying on general view of facts.However, writing an essay from good evaluation topics can be fun. It all comes down to the writer considering the topic, analysing it and finally, expressing their personal judgement comprehensively, in the conclusion.
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Ideally free evaluation essays area product of real situations within natural life occurrences. They are often referred to as a case study of life developed from good evaluation topics.
Here are examples of good evaluation topics to act as a guide for free evaluation essays.
1.      The Effect of Twitter among Young People
The effects of twitter on young people can take both positive and negative angles. The writer should formulate a concise argument to comprehensively elaborate on how the internet and specifically, Social Media,affects young people. For instance, the writer should point out moral implications affiliated to the social media, with a specific evaluation of Twitter.
Having argued the facts of the topic within the body of the evaluation essay, the writer is then required to give their own judgement when concluding the essay. I.e.is it beneficial to young people or not. Additionally, should it be there in the first place or not?
2.      Is Sex Education Important and should it be Offered to Teenagers?
In free evaluation essays such as these, the writer needs to look out for an exploration of the pros and cons of sex education being offered to teenagers. As society becomes more and more ‘progressive’, teenagers are being increasingly exposed to a variety of images and ideas. This is done primarily through the media.
As such, the writer would need to closely examine the extent to which sex education can be beneficial and possibly, counter any wrong information that is gleaned from the media. The facts should portray the writer’s judgement in relation to the significance of sex education.
3.      Horror Movies; Are They the Root Cause of Cannibalism?
This is another good example of free evaluation essays. The writer should demonstrate a deep understanding of the issue. Cannibalism is a mysterious orientation that has over the years, been tagged to many beliefs. Some people believe that this orientation originates from native African traditions. Additionally, there are other beliefs concerning cannibalism which have over the years, been portrayed and indeed, put across by horror movies.
The writer should be able to examine all these beliefs and specifically, evaluate the effect of these horror movies in relation to cannibalism. Additionally the writer is required to project a credible judgement as to whether he/she shares in the belief that horror movies are the root cause of cannibalism.
Moreover, on good evaluation topics whose subject is similar to this one, the writer may clearly stipulate that in spite of their views, movies are acted scenarios and that copying what viewers see in then could have drastic, and sometimes fatal, consequences.

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Evaluation Ideas on Facebook

Social media is a way of life in modern society; most of us engage in it in one way or another; be it by tweeting, liking, following, commenting, or sharing. Since its inception, Facebook has risen beyond the expectation of the three Harvard graduates who founded the social site. This immense popularity of Facebook has prompted different evaluation essay ideas on the site.[Click to read more]
Evaluation essays on Facebook are meant to assess various topics that arise due to the increased use of the social site by individuals all over the world.
The first step to writing such essays is to come up with evaluation ideas on Facebook. These ideas have to be interesting so that the audience will want to read your essay.
Brainstorming Ideas
There are many evaluation ideas on Facebook that a writer could choose from when writing evaluation essays. Normally, good ideas are generated by brainstorming. If you are a Facebook user, think about what goes on there.
  •  How do people interact?
  •  What Facebook-related issues impact the society today?
  • What do different people think of Facebook?
Brainstorming will give you a range of evaluation ideas on Facebook like the impact of Facebook on society today, relationships founded on Facebook, using Facebook as an online social marketing platform or even the popularity contest between Twitter and Facebook.
Picking a Suitable Topic
From the possible evaluation ideas on Facebook, pick the topic that you are strongly passionate about and that you would like to evaluate. For instance, if you pick a topic like Using Facebook as an Online Social Marketing Platform, be ready to discuss it in detail and explain your point of view on the subject. Do you think Facebook is effective in Online Social Marketing?  What position are you advocating for when writing the evaluation essay?
Conductive a Comprehensive Evaluation
When writing evaluation essays on Facebook, the writer has to support his viewpoint with accurate examples and facts because opinions alone will not drive your point home.
Keep in mind to be as objective and impartial as possible by looking at both sides of the subject. Going back to the previous example, explain the pros and cons of using Facebook as an online social marketing platform while giving valid evidence for the two sides.
Writing evaluation essays on Facebook is no different from writing evaluation on any subject because they are all aimed at convincing the readers to agree with the writer’s point of view. Whichever idea you decide to write on, make sure to achieve this objective. 

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Evaluation Essays

For all intents and purposes, there are a vast number of topics, subjects, and objects which can be evaluated. Evaluation is the act of examining allthe facts that are relevant to a given object. This is accomplished when effective and less effective qualities of that object are addressed in detail, thus providing a concise summary that can be followed and understood.
Reasons for Writing an Evaluation Essay
These evaluation essays aim at critiquing the qualities of a subject objectively by comprehensively discussing the pros and cons of the saidsubject. For example, when evaluating the plot of a particular play, a detailed analysis is compiled. The role of the characters and stylistic devices employed in the scenes are examined in depth, to give a clear evaluation essay thesis statement. This statement is basically the view of the writer towards the topic and its background information.
Demystifying the Thesis Statement                                                                                                 
The evaluation essay thesis statement is a product of writer’s judgment and understanding of their essay. The writer is required to develop a judgment upon the subject or topic of discussion which should be accompanied by proper evidence. Ideally, this evidence is comprised of critical facts within the subject’s background information and therefore, comprehensive evaluation essays must project the writer’s evaluation essay thesis statement.
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The thesis statement must state ones idea theoretically so as to expose facts of the argument in a suggestive way. The statement should be straight forward and directly related to the background information that the writer is going to put across to his/ her readers.
Possible Subjects which can be evaluated
Any subject can be evaluated as long as the writer has enough relevant information on it. When plotting the body of this essay, the number of points highlighted in the outline must guide the writer to distinguish between major and minor facts. Normally, the thesis statement is stipulated by merging minor and major points of essay outline.
In addition, the facts in evaluation essays must always reflect both positive and negative sides of the subject. Regardless of how complex the subject being evaluated is, what matters is a simple criteria of coming up with a thesis after having analyzed the values of the subject. For instance, the evaluation of a character in a movie will basically require an understanding of their role within the scenes and pointing out their positive and negative traits. From the evaluation essay thesis statement, one would be able to tell whether the character is a protagonistor whether, he/she has been antagonistically portrayed.
Concluding the Evaluation Essay
The conclusion should be attractive and appealing. It should dramatically highlight the writer’s judgment towards the content of the essay. Unlike the introduction where relevant questions may be asked to support the thesis statement, the conclusion is aimed at answering all these questions.

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Evaluation Essays on Movies

A common belief, especially among newbie writers is that coming up with evaluation essay ideas is as hard as rocket science. It is ironical that such people spend the whole day watching and re-watching The Dark Knight Rises and even throw in a few terse comments here and there about the movie.
Turning a Movie into an Essay Idea
What they do not realize is that through their comments, they are unconsciously evaluating the movie. Evaluation essays on movies are a good example of where to get evaluation essay ideas. After watching the movie, what did you think of it? Do you like it or do you hate it? Care to share with the rest of the world?
Whether you are aspiring to become a movie critic or you just love reviewing and rating movies, writing evaluation essays on movies can be both tiring and interesting. Tiring because you have to pay attention to every little detail, interesting because you get to say exactly what you feel.{ Click to read more about essay writing services}
However, writing an evaluation essays on movies is not about expressing your negative views or positive views about the movie in the hope that your readers will watch it or shun it. It is about analyzing the bad and the good side of the whole movie while expressing your personal judgment of the movie.
Creating the Criteria for an Evaluation
Just like any evaluation, a writer has to come up with the criteria of evaluation; for instance, the characters. How do the characters relate? Is there chemistry between the characters or are they just like logs?
Characters contribute to the plot because it is their story that makes up the movie. Surely, no sensible writer can ignore this. Analyzing characters contributes majorly to writing evaluation essays on movies. If you feel the characters were fantastic, tell this to the audience while providing details from the movie that made you come to your conclusion.
Other criteria include visual effects, dialogue, comparison (comparing a sequel from its preceding movie, a remake from an original or an adaptation from an original), and length etc.
In conclusion, movie theaters and cinemas are not the only place where evaluation essay ideas come from. You only have to free your mind and let it wander. Before you know it, evaluation essay ideas will be popping into your head with ease. Just remember that the world around you can harbor good evaluation essay ideas just waiting to be discovered. 

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