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Evaluation essays
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Friday, 12 October 2012

Evaluation Ideas on Facebook

Social media is a way of life in modern society; most of us engage in it in one way or another; be it by tweeting, liking, following, commenting, or sharing. Since its inception, Facebook has risen beyond the expectation of the three Harvard graduates who founded the social site. This immense popularity of Facebook has prompted different evaluation essay ideas on the site.[Click to read more]
Evaluation essays on Facebook are meant to assess various topics that arise due to the increased use of the social site by individuals all over the world.
The first step to writing such essays is to come up with evaluation ideas on Facebook. These ideas have to be interesting so that the audience will want to read your essay.
Brainstorming Ideas
There are many evaluation ideas on Facebook that a writer could choose from when writing evaluation essays. Normally, good ideas are generated by brainstorming. If you are a Facebook user, think about what goes on there.
  •  How do people interact?
  •  What Facebook-related issues impact the society today?
  • What do different people think of Facebook?
Brainstorming will give you a range of evaluation ideas on Facebook like the impact of Facebook on society today, relationships founded on Facebook, using Facebook as an online social marketing platform or even the popularity contest between Twitter and Facebook.
Picking a Suitable Topic
From the possible evaluation ideas on Facebook, pick the topic that you are strongly passionate about and that you would like to evaluate. For instance, if you pick a topic like Using Facebook as an Online Social Marketing Platform, be ready to discuss it in detail and explain your point of view on the subject. Do you think Facebook is effective in Online Social Marketing?  What position are you advocating for when writing the evaluation essay?
Conductive a Comprehensive Evaluation
When writing evaluation essays on Facebook, the writer has to support his viewpoint with accurate examples and facts because opinions alone will not drive your point home.
Keep in mind to be as objective and impartial as possible by looking at both sides of the subject. Going back to the previous example, explain the pros and cons of using Facebook as an online social marketing platform while giving valid evidence for the two sides.
Writing evaluation essays on Facebook is no different from writing evaluation on any subject because they are all aimed at convincing the readers to agree with the writer’s point of view. Whichever idea you decide to write on, make sure to achieve this objective. 

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