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Evaluation essays
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Friday, 12 October 2012

Free Evaluation Essays

There are many topics on which one can write an evaluation essay. However, there are some topics which writers back away from due to their content and the possibility of stirring up waters. Normally the content of these unfriendly essays require immense research and analysis and therefore, they limit the writer from relying on general view of facts.However, writing an essay from good evaluation topics can be fun. It all comes down to the writer considering the topic, analysing it and finally, expressing their personal judgement comprehensively, in the conclusion.
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Ideally free evaluation essays area product of real situations within natural life occurrences. They are often referred to as a case study of life developed from good evaluation topics.
Here are examples of good evaluation topics to act as a guide for free evaluation essays.
1.      The Effect of Twitter among Young People
The effects of twitter on young people can take both positive and negative angles. The writer should formulate a concise argument to comprehensively elaborate on how the internet and specifically, Social Media,affects young people. For instance, the writer should point out moral implications affiliated to the social media, with a specific evaluation of Twitter.
Having argued the facts of the topic within the body of the evaluation essay, the writer is then required to give their own judgement when concluding the essay. I.e.is it beneficial to young people or not. Additionally, should it be there in the first place or not?
2.      Is Sex Education Important and should it be Offered to Teenagers?
In free evaluation essays such as these, the writer needs to look out for an exploration of the pros and cons of sex education being offered to teenagers. As society becomes more and more ‘progressive’, teenagers are being increasingly exposed to a variety of images and ideas. This is done primarily through the media.
As such, the writer would need to closely examine the extent to which sex education can be beneficial and possibly, counter any wrong information that is gleaned from the media. The facts should portray the writer’s judgement in relation to the significance of sex education.
3.      Horror Movies; Are They the Root Cause of Cannibalism?
This is another good example of free evaluation essays. The writer should demonstrate a deep understanding of the issue. Cannibalism is a mysterious orientation that has over the years, been tagged to many beliefs. Some people believe that this orientation originates from native African traditions. Additionally, there are other beliefs concerning cannibalism which have over the years, been portrayed and indeed, put across by horror movies.
The writer should be able to examine all these beliefs and specifically, evaluate the effect of these horror movies in relation to cannibalism. Additionally the writer is required to project a credible judgement as to whether he/she shares in the belief that horror movies are the root cause of cannibalism.
Moreover, on good evaluation topics whose subject is similar to this one, the writer may clearly stipulate that in spite of their views, movies are acted scenarios and that copying what viewers see in then could have drastic, and sometimes fatal, consequences.

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