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Evaluation essays
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Friday, 12 October 2012

Evaluation Essay Examples

Evaluation essay topics are presumed to be a big challenge by many writers especially among college and high school students. However, the most important thing to remember about evaluation essays is that they basically explore the positive and negative facts of an object or event; by discussing and exploring the facts systematically within several paragraphs.
Every paragraph examines the topic and brings out the facts. A conclusion is arrived at and it is at this point that the writer brings up his/her judgement of the topic being discussed.
One can perfect his/her evaluation essay writing skill by identifying and rectifying on the common mistakes associated with evaluation essay topics.
Evaluation essay examples outline numerous common mistakes, which include;
1)      Abuse of Content and Topic
The content of evaluation essay should be based on clear evaluation essay topics and should therefore project all the information that is relevant to the topic. However, if the content is diverted to a different object within the same evaluation essay, the possibility of arriving to a conclusion is slim. This is because discussing more than one aspect confuses both the writer and the readers. It is therefore wise for writers to restrict themselves to discussing a single topic and avoid introducing irrelevant examples as this would result in a disintegration of the entire essay. This is a common mistake within many evaluation essay examples.{Click link for essay help}
A practical example is when the writer is evaluating a particular character in a novel or movie. In this scenario, one is required to discuss all the aspects and traits concerning this character; without diverting attention to the other characters unless a specific quality is complemented by them.
2)      Use of False Statements
Evaluation essays give a brief summary of an object by projecting both the pros and cons measurably and without bias. Therefore, writing this essay demands remarkable awareness of the topic of discussion.
For instance, it is important to include negative traits when evaluating a protagonist character. However any addition of these traits outside the content, whether positive or negative, is faulty and should be avoided.
3)      Lack of a clear Judgement in the Conclusion
The conclusion is part of the content in the body of any essay. Evaluation essay topics are complemented by the writer’s judgement, or the stand that they take in the conclusion, whereby the necessary argument is formulated; refuting or endorsing the content using valid evidence.
Lack of a definite judgement in the conclusion is a common error in many evaluation essay examples. These writers fail in the capacity to formulate personal judgement towards their topic of discussion. For example, after having evaluated a character in a given play, it’s appropriate to give judgement, e.g. the writer’s perception of the role of the character in the play.
Writing evaluation essay can be easier if these mistakes can be avoided.

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